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“ABC is a ministry that was created by the students of Africa College of Theology (ACT).  ABC is now an independent ministry registered in Rwanda.  By mutual agreement ABC is separate from ACT and ANLM (Africa New Life Ministries).”

Sent Feb. 2, 2019 “I’m Not Leaving”

Friends of ABC & Dr. G,

I love reading.  I tell those in an oral culture that books are wonderful.  And that includes a free education from books at a library.  During January I experienced a “C.S. Lewis approved sickness.”  C.S. Lewis said that he loved to be sick enough to stay home, but not too sick to be able to read —conveniently sick!  During ten days of sickness (from a bug picked up in Portland just before leaving), I was able to read most days.  For a while I thought, “I must read that book”.  I refer I’m Not Leaving by Carl Wilkens.  He was the only American who did not leave Rwanda during the 1994 genocide.  He and his wife agreed that the rest of the family would evacuate to Nairobi, Kenya, but Carl would remain in Kigali.  He would try to rescue their team workers who were Tutsi.  And rescue he did.  His forays out to help orphans and others were filled with risk.  But, God took him through dozens of road blocks manned by murderers.  At the end there were hundreds of survivors in his wake.  Sometimes you just have to get a “C.S. Lewis” sickness to get inspired by a great personal story.  And by the way, for those who have asked, “I’m not Leaving.”  I’m here for a lifetime.

Rwandan Rookie,

G for the ABC team

Just finished this week
History of Africa from Ancient Times
Great Book on Apologetics

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