Desperate Faith

“ABC is a ministry that was created by the students of Africa College of Theology (ACT).  ABC is now an independent ministry registered in Rwanda.  By mutual agreement ABC is separate from ACT and ANLM (Africa New Life Ministries).”

Friends of ABC & Dr. G,

I was desperate to find the book, Desperate Faith, but my efforts were empty. However, Dorie, the leader of our ABC Portland prayer team, added her sleuthing to the quest.  And she found not desperation, but Desperate Faith.  The book is the story of my first academic leader in Rwanda.  Our first principal at Africa College of Theology had a harrowing history of desperation that lead to desperate faith.  Dr. Gerald Sseruwagi told his story. His Muslim father was not just disappointed when his son Gerald became a Christian, but tried to kill him.   Gerald ran for his life with his father at his heels.  He ran right onto the vicious streets of Kampala where a large trash container became home for months.  The Obote regime police would scour the streets and murder indiscriminately.  Several of his street family were so slaughtered.  But, step by step God answered his prayers for school, high school, college in Texas and finally a master’s degree and doctor’s degree.  He founded several Bible colleges before coming to Kigali to start Africa College of Theology. Sadly, he died of a massive heard attack six months after I arrived.  I just read the book again.  It was bitter sweet.  It inspired me and then forced me to remember that we no longer see his big smile.  In eternity, I will ask God in why He took Gerald so early, but until then I will be inspired by God’s work in him that created a giant of faith.

G for the ABC team

Dr. Gerald
Dr. Gerald with visiting profs
A great preacher
An inspiring story of ‘Desperate Faith’
Gerald & Robina’s family shortly before he entered glory

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