Robin Maxon’s Story

Robin and Garry became friends at Dallas Theological Seminary and worked on many projects together. Robin graduated from Wheaton College and then finished a ThM (1973) at Dallas. After graduation he came to pastor in Klamath Falls (1975). He has pastored at Union Evangelical Free Church for thirty years.

Robin read Garry’s finished doctoral dissertation and suggested that it be published. He offered to have Garry teach a weekend seminar to his church and then see if the church was interested in supporting the project. The church agreed and for five summers Garry wrote in Klamath Falls and presented the material to the church. Robin was freed up to rewrite the material and help to give structure to the book.

Robin’s wife, Louise, has helped the book in many ways including her insistence that it not be three volumes. Their daughter Rachel has written the new Forward to the second edition.