Decision Making and the Will of God

Decision Making and the Will of God

Table of Contents

Forward to First Edition – Haddon Robinson
Forward to the Revised Edition – Rachel Maxson
Introduction-Is It Worth Another Look?

Part 1
You Have Heard It Said: The Traditional View Presented

1.   On Marriage and Missions
2.  The Traditional View: An Outline

Part 2
The Case of the Missing Dot: The Traditional View Critiqued

3.  Does God Have Three Wills?
4.  Does Scripture Teach the Dot?
5.  More Doubts about the Dot
6.  Impressions Are Impressions
7.  The Leading of the Holy Spirit

Part 3
The Way of Wisdom: The Wisdom View Explained

8.  Your Word is Truth
9.  God-Given Freedom (and Responsibility) to Choose
10. Wisdom for Decision Making
11. More Wisdom for Decision Making
12. God … the Only Sovereign
13. God’s Sovereign Will and Decision making
14. Guidance: A Biblical Model
15. Special Guidance and Decision Making
16. Making a Good Thing Better
17. A New Way of Seeing
18. Practicing the Presence

Part 4
Deciding the Big Ones: The Wisdom View Applied

19. Singleness, Marriage, and Wisdom
20. Marriage and Wisdom
21. The Ministry and Wisdom
22. Missions and Wisdom
23. Vocation, Education, and Wisdom
24. Giving and Wisdom
25. Wisdom When Christians Differ
26. Weaker Brothers, Pharisees, and Servants

Appendix 1 – Review of Books on Finding God’s Will
Appendix 2 – Painless Scripture Memory
Appendix 3 – Guidelines for Bible Marathons

Scripture Index

13 Session Study Guide

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